West Vom Hazak

West Vom Hazak is an all-black European Showline puppy in our foster program! She is a confident, happy girl that is strikingly beautiful with a very sweet temperament. She loves to adventure with her family and is thoroughly loved and enjoyed. The Euro Deja family is expanding across the U.S. as they will soon be moving together from Virginia to Mississippi. West shows an abundance of potential with her broad head, gorgeous expression, sound temperament, and excellent conformation. We've waited years to add an all-black showline to our program and West has exceeded even our highest expectations! We can't wait to see where she'll take us.

West's motherline has proven longevity with sound temperaments. Her mother is a therapy dog (CGC TDI THD TKA) as well as her grandmother (TDI, SG), and her great grandmother (TDI, V, Sch2, AD, CGC)! Her great great grandmother only recently passed away at almost 15 years of age! Regarding her fatherline, West is granddaughter to SG3 BSZS Margman Yes! Her gorgeous father is V1 Hurricane Lemiselburg IPO3 Kkl1. Her pedigree also includes notable dogs like V39 BSZS 2012 V1 Norsk Vinner Utstilling 2013 Erik vom Nordteich IPO 3, and 2x VA1 Remo vom Fichtenschlag SCHH3 IPO3! View West's full, interactive pedigree here.

When West turns 2 years old, she will be obtaining her official Hip, Elbow, and DM certificates before being considered a part of our breeding program.

West's Gallery

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