Drea Arthur von Euro Deja

Drea ("Dray-uh" - meaning courageous) is a red and black European Showline daughter of our Velvet, and thus granddaughter of our popular guy, Finn! Drea's father is 5x SG1 Iris v.d. Alexander BH AD IPO (click for photo).

Drea has a plush coat, thick bone, a big head with beautiful coloring, great anatomy, smooth movement, strong capability, and a sweet temperament akin to Velvet and Finn's. Drea achieved her AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy title at 4 months of age, is on track with training to get her CGC title, and thereafter will be tested and evaluated by TDI to become a certified therapy dog. Her 6 month preliminary OFA hip and elbow x-rays looked great! We will be getting new x-rays and official certification once she comes of age. We're immensely proud to have bred such a phenomenal pup as Drea, and over-the-moon excited to potentially have her as a part of our breeding program in the future. As a part of our foster program, Drea is thoroughly loved and enjoyed by her family in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Drea's motherline has proven longevity and titles only achieved with sound temperaments. Her mother is our Velvet, her grandmother is a therapy dog (BH AD TDI CGC CGCA IT) as well as her great-grandmother (V Z'Flores Vom Mittelwest SCH2 AD CGC TDI). Her grandfather is our Finn, Koller vom Bergmannsland TDI HIT CGC FDC. Her great grandfather is the famed VA Saabat von Aurelius SCHH3, IPO3! Her pedigree also includes notable dogs like 2xVA5 BSZS Henko vom Holtkämper Hof IPO3, VA1 Ober von Bad-Boll SCHH3, 2X VA1(CN) V6 Dux de Intercanina SCHH3, VA (BSZS + B + I) Paer vom Hasenborn SCHH3 FH1, and VA3(A) Juri vom Schollweiher SCHH3 IPO3! View Drea's full, interactive pedigree here.

OFA Preliminary Hips: Good, Elbows: Normal! Drea will be evaluated once more by orthopedic specialists for SV certification once she comes of age.

She is Degenerative Myelopathy N/N Clear (a progressive degenerative disorder of the spinal cord).

She also tested DNA CLEAR of the following known to effect German Shepherds:

  • MDR1 Drug Sensitivity
  • Scott Syndrome (a defect in platelet function leading to impaired secondary hemostasis)
  • Canine Leukocyte Adhesion Deficiency (A disorder of white blood cells)
  • Factor VIII Deficiency, Hemophilia A, (Blood clotting disorder)
  • Hyperuricosuria and Hyperuricemia or Urolithiasis (Causes kidney and bladder stones composed of urate)
  • Sly Syndrome (A type of lysosomal storage disease)
  • Achromatopsia (a progressive disorder of the retina)
  • Renal Cystadenocarcinoma and Nodular Dermatofibrosis (A multiorgan syndrome)
  • X-linked Ectodermal Dysplasia Anhidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia (a developmental condition)

PLUS "Clear" of all other 160+ diseases Embark tested her for! This means that none of her puppies will have two abnormal genes and therefore be considered “at risk” for any of the above.

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