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The Difference Between European and American German Shepherds

This article covers the differences between the American German Shepherd and the West European (Show Line) German Shepherd. There are also Czech, DDR, "East" or "Working Line" German Shepherds which will not be covered here.

Kennel Clubs recognize the different lines of German Shepherds as one and the same. There is no difference in their registrations; however, the breed standards differ greatly.

But regardless of American or German lines, both standards for the German Shepherd focus slightly more on temperament and working ability than appearance.

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What is Degenerative Myelopathy?

The symptoms, risk statistics, and an explanation of the OFA results. We also addressed the question of whether or not the DNA test is reliable. Find out why this is a controversial topic among many breeders.

When you choose a breeder, you are ultimately choosing who you are willing to trust to take care of your puppy during the most crucial time in life. The breeder sets the foundation for your future family member—from health to temperament and everything in between.