Ridaura Vom Hazak "Ella"

Ridaura Vom Hazak "Ella" is a performer; her driven athleticism makes for a show with every playtime. She loves to catch frisbees more than anything, and has a kind nature for delightful companionship. She's highly intelligent, she's the perfect size for ideal utility, she has strong movement with balanced conformation, a gorgeous head, and her stunning color is a deep black with rich red. We're very happy to have her as a part of our program.

Ella's lineage continually shows longevity and sound temperaments. Her mother is a therapy dog (TDI, IPO1, AD) as well as her grandmother (TDI, SG), and her great grandmother (TDI, V, Sch2, AD, CGC)! Her great great grandmother only recently passed away at almost 15 years of age! This line is also known for top show conformation and coloring. Ella’s gorgeous father, especially, is an overachiever: BIMBx3 INT/U-GRCH Universe Niox VS MČR IPO 2013 Volenice.#5-- BH, APr1, IPO3, PDC, TC, TDI, IDTT, ID3, CGCA, CGCU, URO1, NTD, SPOT ON! View Ella's full, interactive pedigree here.

Ella's hips are OFA-Good, elbows OFA-Normal, cardiac OFA-normal. She is Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) N/N "Clear" - Canine Leukocyte Adhesion Deficiency Type III (LAD3), "Clear" - Factor VIII Deficiency, Hemophilia A, (F8 Exon 1 & 11) "Clear" - Hyperuricosuria and Hyperuricemia or Urolithiasis, "Clear" - MDR1 Drug Sensitivity, "Clear" - Mucopolysaccharidosis Type VII, Sly Syndrome, "Clear" - Achromatopsia CNGA3 (Exon 7 SNP), "Clear" - Malignant Hyperthermia, "Clear" - Renal Cystadenocarcinoma and Nodular Dermatofibrosis (RCND), "Clear" - X-linked Ectodermal Dysplasia Anhidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia, "Clear". PLUS "Clear" of all other 156 diseases Embark tests for!

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Review of Ella's Past Puppies

Ella's first litter of puppies with Finn were very well balanced with drive but still very sweet and personable. They were a bit higher drive and energy than our typical litter, but yet they had great off-switches for calm situations. They were confident and had no fear of new situations. While all our puppies are intelligent, Ella and Finn's pups were above average in that regard. They were also above average in their athleticism and capability. Their versatility makes them great candidates for work or sport, their conformation and coloring provides high potential for show, and their sweet personalities are phenomenal for family life and companionship. Ella and Finn's pups are advised for slightly more active lifestyles to meet their physical and emotional needs. They are perfect for anyone seeking to pursue work or sport with an intelligent, capable, and fun dog. Regarding physique, Ella and Finn's pups grew to develop very rich red and black coloring. Some pups favored Finn's coloring, and others were colored like Ella. All were short coats. They had thick bone, and were above average in size.

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Light Blue Male

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Orange Male

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Dark Blue Male

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Purple Female

The first facebook link is purple girl "Zora" meeting her new family for the first time!

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