O'Guinevere Vom Hazak "Gwen"

Gwen comes from a motherline that has been improved upon for 26 years by another breeder and veterinarian; the line is known to produce healthy, highly versatile, and well-temperamented dogs fit for a variety of show, work, and sport purposes while being excellent pets and companions. Gwen was the pick of her litter which was a combination of this wonderful motherline and the well-known top producing line from VA2 (NASS) Ricco and 2x VA1 (BSZS) Vegas. She is very well balanced in temperament; a sweet, trustworthy, fun girl that is also brave and watchful over her family. She has rich red and black coloring, smooth movement, a wonderful temperament, and great conformation. Gwen is a part of our foster program and is thoroughly enjoyed by her family.

Gwen shares the same father as our Jessen--VA2 (NASS) Ricco Von Der Zenteiche SchH3 Kkl1. This line is extremely well-known to be top producing and speaks for itself. Her grandfather is twice world champion, VA1 (BSZS) Vegas Du Haut Mansard SchH3 Kkl1! Her motherline is also very strong with dogs like V39 BSZS 2012 Erik vom Nordteich and 2X VA1 Remo vom Fichtenschlag. This line is also known for longevity; her Great-Great Grandmother lived a full life just shy of 15 years. View Gwen's full, interactive pedigree here.

Gwen's hips are OFA-Excellent--the best possible rating! According to the OFA database, only 4.2% of German Shepherds receive a rating of "excellent". Her elbows are OFA-Normal and she is Degenerative Myelopathy (a progressive degenerative disorder of the spinal cord) N/N Clear. Her health results can be confirmed on the OFA website here.

She also tested DNA CLEAR of the following known to effect German Shepherds:

  • MDR1 Drug Sensitivity
  • Scott Syndrome (a defect in platelet function leading to impaired secondary hemostasis)
  • Canine Leukocyte Adhesion Deficiency (A disorder of white blood cells)
  • Factor VIII Deficiency, Hemophilia A, (Blood clotting disorder)
  • Hyperuricosuria and Hyperuricemia or Urolithiasis (Causes kidney and bladder stones composed of urate)
  • Sly Syndrome (A type of lysosomal storage disease)
  • Achromatopsia (a progressive disorder of the retina)
  • Renal Cystadenocarcinoma and Nodular Dermatofibrosis (A multiorgan syndrome)
  • X-linked Ectodermal Dysplasia Anhidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia (a developmental condition)

PLUS "Clear" of all other 160+ diseases Embark tested her for! This means that none of her puppies will have two abnormal genes and therefore be considered “at risk” for any of the above.

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