SG Haris de la Madonina BH IPO1 -- "Pacha"

We very selectively imported Pacha from tested and true lineages in Europe to become an impactful part of our program as a full-package male. Pacha is a thick-built male that is impressive immediately by appearance, and quickly endearing by his mannerisms. He is 65cm, which is the maximum height to the withers for male SV-style Shepherds. He is rated SG (Very Good) in show, with working titles of IPO1 and BH. He is a very kind male, easy-going, sociable, happy, playful, intelligent, and trustworthy. Pacha particularly loves to cuddle, and is a playful goof with interactive mannerisms that never fail to cause a smile. His red is the deepest mahogany you will see, his coat is the most beautiful plush show coat you can find, his mask is a visually appealing and tasteful amount of black, his eyes are dark and pleasantly almond shaped, his trotting movement is smooth and mesmerizing, his head is strikingly masculine, and his expression is beautifully endearing. He turns heads wherever he goes!
Overall, Pacha is a magnificent bear of a dog that is just as much a pleasing sight to the layperson as to the critical eye. He is a young male and will only get more impressive as time goes on. See more of Pacha on instagram @EuroDejaShepherds and watch his story highlights labeled "Pacha". Also follow hashtag #eurodeja_pacha to see more of Pacha. Pacha is available for stud service to approved females.

Pacha's pedigree boasts quite literally some of the best Shepherds in the world. His Dad--Quentin v Regina Pacis--just won National First Place (VA1) in Portugal. Quentin's Dad is none other than World Champion Gary v Huhnegrab. Pacha’s Mom is daughter to Cyrus vom Osterberger Land (4th in the world BSZS). Both Pacha's mother and father lines have stood the test of time with many professionally critical eyes watching and evaluating the dogs and their progeny in every aspect of the total German Shepherd--anatomy, character, ability, etc.    View Pacha's full, interactive pedigree here.

Pacha's hips are SV a-normal and elbows are SV fast-normal, Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) N/N Clear. None of our puppies will be considered At Risk for Degenerative Myelopathy. According to the OFA database, only 52% of German Shepherds are DM N/N clear. Pacha was also screened for an additional 200+ genetic conditions; this extensive panel returned with the results that he is DNA CLEAR of the following known to effect German Shepherds:

  • Canine Leukocyte Adhesion Deficiency Type III (LAD3)
  • Factor VIII Deficiency, Hemophilia A, (F8 Exon 1 & 11)
  • Hyperuricosuria and Hyperuricemia or Urolithiasis
  • MDR1 Drug Sensitivity
  • Mucopolysaccharidosis Type VII, Sly Syndrome
  • Achromatopsia CNGA3 (Exon 7 SNP)
  • Malignant Hyperthermia
  • Renal Cystadenocarcinoma and Nodular Dermatofibrosis (RCND)
  • X-linked Ectodermal Dysplasia Anhidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia

None of his puppies will have two abnormal genes and therefore be considered “at risk” for any of the above!

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Pacha loves to give hugs Pacha loves to give hugs Pacha loves to give hugs

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