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Reputable As a family, our goal is to demonstrate honesty and integrity while providing superior quality puppies from a small-scale, yet highly professional program.
hip elbow dysplasia degenerative myelopathy DM german shepherd guarantee layer Hips, elbows & DM Hip and Elbow Dysplasia and Degenerative Myelopathy are extremely severe conditions without cures known to affect the European German Shepherd breed. you do not have to return your dog for guarantee benefits
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Well-Socialized We put a high priority on socialization during the most critical stage life. Our German Shepherd puppies are exposed to many different safe and positive situations and are handled throughout every day from birth.
Our Golden Rule We are dedicated to improving the European German Shepherd with every breeding. The quality we offer is evident not only in lineage, but also by the proven outcomes of our past litters.

Euro Deja demonstrates honesty and integrity while providing superior quality
European Showline German Shepherd puppies that have been well-cared for and socialized.

And the objective doesn't stop there!

We are dedicated to a lifetime of support

We are very different in that we do not require anyone to give up their guaranteed German Shepherd from Euro Deja in order to receive the warranty benefits.

We are also looking forward to implementing a training program for our pups in the future.

Our Home

Hagerstown, Maryland is about 15-20 minutes away from both Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Our home sits in 3 acres off of a quiet country road and surrounded by many more acres of land available to roam. Our dogs love the adventures we take exploring the area. Our German Shepherds are very loyal and love to please.

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The Details of Our Program & Standards

We strive to produce dogs that improve the European German Shepherd with every breeding. Our dogs are tested for hip and elbow dysplasia and Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) before being considered a part of our breeding program. They must also demonstrate great character, a sound temperament, and a personality notable of the German Shepherd standard. Our European line is most commonly characterized as "Red and Black German Shepherds." They must also be correct in conformation, pigment, coat, bite, etc. While our dogs are currently not titled in show, our criteria is that they have incredible potential to be champions.

We are very small scale and family-oriented; it is even the long-term goal of our breeding program. Sara Chisnell, UKC Legal Counsel, says in her article, The Dog Breeder Dilemma, "I find it hard to believe that these high volume kennels can properly socialize puppies to prepare them to go into the pet homes they are destined for. Studies have shown that it’s quite common for dogs that originate from these situations to later have major behavioral issues that most pet owners are not prepared to deal with."

That being said, we have a desire to improve the European German Shepherd more than we can with only a few family dogs, but we want to retain the small-scale quality.

We came upon a solution and developed a program that gives each of our breeding dogs a family home. We use our expertise in selection and then place them (those that are not our own family pets) in a sponsorship program with responsible pet owners who are committed to caring for and loving their new dog. Since we are not overwhelmed by numbers, when the dog has a litter, the pups are just as well socialized and cared for. And when the dog retires from our program, it already has a home.